Axis and Allies Odds Calculator 

This directory contains a utility program which supports battle planning for players of Milton Bradley's Axis and Allies. This is a shareware program developed by Philip Hall. Version 1.1b is available on this site and runs on Windows 3.1 or Win95.

       Version 1.1b is available on this site and runs on Windows 3.1 or Win95.     Version 1.1b contains functions to Calculate the odds of winnning a battle,        Execute a battle round by round based on randomized dice rolls,    and Execute a battle 10,000 times and report the number of attacker wins.    Land, Naval and Amphibious battles are supported.        More detailed Description       Click here to download Version 1.1b (195K).    Some systems do not have all of the Microsoft DLLs necessary to run V1.1b.    If you experience problems running it,    you can download an older version by clicking here        Version 1.2b is available to registered users and includes additional    capabilities to support super weapons as well as a feature to report    the ten most commonly occurring results  after executing the battle    10,000 times.
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